Advanced surgical care in Oviedo, Florida

At Oviedo Medical Center, our surgical services team provides comprehensive surgical and ambulatory services in a safe and caring environment. Our surgeons perform a wide variety of specialized surgical procedures, from minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries to advanced orthopedic care.

To learn more about our surgical services, please call Consult-A-Nurse® at (407) 871-5634.

Surgical services we offer

We offer traditional and minimally invasive, robotic surgery in a variety of specialties, including:

Surgical status notifications

We offer a convenient, completely HIPAA-compliant service allowing patients to identify ahead of surgery whom they would like to receive notifications about their status as they move through pre-op to recovery. These messages can be sent to any mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet or any other computer or laptop with an internet connection.

For more details or to sign up for this service, speak to a registration representative.