• Terri Martini


    "Every day I hit the ground running, busy with my teenager and my job as an event planner. I was preparing for a major event when the abdominal pain started. I went to the Oviedo ER (SM) and was admitted. When my surgeon told me he could do robotic surgery to remove my gallbladder, I was all for it. I was able to go home by day three and back to work in time to run a great event. Oviedo Medical Center took incredible care of me. They got me in and out fast so I could get back to my life." 

  • Sandy DiCrisci



    Sandy was no stranger to heart disease - her granddaughter was born with half a heart. So she has seen the importance of clinical advancements in cardiac care for all ages. But she never expected to be a patient herself. When she began experiencing chest pains she knew from experience she needed to quickly seek the support of cardiac experts, and she found the care she needed at her hometown hospital - Oviedo Medical Center.

    "When I arrived at the ER, the team there was clearly concerned about my symptoms," Sandy said. "They made me feel comfortable and confident in addressing my symptoms, diagnosing my condition and immediately implementing a plan of care. It was a wonderful experience, and today I am back to work and enjoying my family."

    Sandy recently celebrated her good health by modeling in the American Heart Association Go Red For Women fashion show.

    "Walking the runway was definitely out of my comfort zone," Sandy said. "But I am committed to sharing my story with other women so they seek expert cardiac care as soon as they notice their symptoms. My fast action and the expert team at Oviedo Medical Center saved my life."

  • Paul Rosarius

    cardiac , emergency


    Paul Rosarius is a busy man who didn't have time to be sick. But friends convinced him to get checked at Oviedo Medical Center where emergency room experts saved his life.