Paul Rosarius

cardiac , emergency


Paul Rosarius is a busy man. He runs his own tech shop while staying active in the Oviedo community with his wife, Cindy. He didn't have time to be sick even though he had been experiencing chest pains on his right side for weeks. He thought it was nothing and didn't want to take the time to have it checked out.

He and Cindy were out with another couple for dinner when Paul started experiencing pain on his left side. The friend, having been through something similar, insisted he go to the emergency room at Oviedo Medical Center. Lucky for Paul, physicians and nurses diagnosed him quickly and developed a plan of care for him.

"I had ignored my heart attack symptoms for weeks, believing pain on the right side of my body could not be related to my heart. One evening, while we were enjoying dinner with friends, I noticed the pain was now on my left side. My wife and one of our guests who had experienced similar symptoms convinced me to go the emergency room at Oviedo Medical Center. The nurses and doctors were incredibly sweet and caring and took great care of me. Thanks to their expertise, they quickly diagnosed my heart attack in the emergency room and developed a treatment plan that saved my life."