Oviedo Medical Center proudly supports the education of future healthcare providers through affiliations with multiple schools. We look forward to working with the school’s faculty to help make their students’ experiences meaningful and educational.

Student Placement Process

Step 1:

An Affiliation Agreement between Oviedo Medical Center and the School requesting clinical site placement.

An Affiliation Agreement must be in place between the School and Oviedo Medical School. Students should not contact the hospital directly for placement. To inquire about initiating an Affiliation Agreement, please contact Amanda McKeon at (407) 890-2205.

Step 2:

At least One Month prior to the start of a clinical rotation:

  • Request for Student Placement is required at least one month prior to the start of a clinical rotation
  • Nursing Student Orientation needs to be scheduled at least one month prior to the start of a clinical rotation or practicum placement. Contact Amanda McKeon to schedule orientation for the Nursing Students and a Meditech (computer) Training class.

Step 3:

At least Two Weeks prior to start of a clinical rotation all required student paperwork must be submitted. Submit the following forms and orientation materials to Amanda McKeon. No student will be allowed to begin their rotation until these forms are received and the student is cleared to begin the clinical rotation.

  • Student Record
    Completed by an authorized representative of the school
  • Statement of Responsibility
    Completed by the student
  • Provider Confidentiality and Security Agreement
    Completed by the student
  • Oviedo Medical Center Orientation Self-Learning Packet Post-Test (Click on the appropriate Student Orientation link below to access the packet and post-test Answer Sheet.)
  • Oviedo Medical Center Student Nurse Self-Learning Packet Post-test (Click on the appropriate Student Orientation link below to access the packet and post-test Answer Sheet.)

Step 4:

Once the student is cleared for participation in clinical experiences, the following should be accomplished:

Nursing Students Only

  • Completion of Code of Conduct (usually at school)
  • Orientation—6 hour Nursing Student Orientation & Computer Training scheduled at least one month prior to clinical rotation
  • Badge Creation is by appointment only. Follow up with Amanda McKeon at (407) 890-2205 to schedule the appointment.

All Non-Nursing Students

Contact Amanda McKeon at (407) 890-2205 to make an appointment for pre-placement requirements.

  • Code of Conduct—one hour computer-based
  • Badge creation in Human Resources—Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Student Out-Processing

All students are required to return their Oviedo Medical Center Identification Badge to Human Resources or Staff Development on the last day of their rotation at Oviedo Medical Center.

Student Orientation Information and Materials

In order to provide the optimum clinical experience for students, it is essential that they are sufficiently oriented to our facility and to their assigned department. Please click on the appropriate link below to access the student orientation information and materials.

Nursing School Instructor Orientation Information and Materials

New nursing school instructors are required to be oriented to our facility and the nursing units on which they will bring student groups. We have developed a comprehensive orientation for instructors as well as providing support for them to orient their students. All instructors are expected to complete the self studies that their students complete (see links above). Contact Staff Development for further orientation paperwork and instructions.

Please NOTE: New instructors are strongly encouraged to attend 3 days of our hospital-wide orientation—Clinical Staff Orientation, Nursing Orientation, and Meditech/eMAR Training. Please call Amanda McKeon at (407) 890-2205 to schedule.

Additional Resources

We are continually evaluating and improving our student process. We welcome and appreciate feedback about student experiences in our facility. Students and faculty are asked to complete an Evaluation Form at the end of their clinical rotations and return them to Amanda McKeon in Staff Development.

For additional information please contact Amanda McKeon:

Oviedo Medical Center
8300 Red Bug Lake Rd
Oviedo, FL 32765
Phone: (407) 890-2205